motion sickness prevention

Keep the Party Going: Motion Sickness Prevention Tips

If you suffer from motion sickness, then you’re not alone. About 65% of people suffer from it. It’s more common in women than men but can affect anyone.  Motion sickness happens when there’s a disconnect between what your eyes are showing your brain and what your inner ears are sensing (motion). If you’re someone who struggles with … Continued

Person on jet ski tour

10 Reasons to Take a Jet Ski Tour in Clearwater

Would you believe that Florida attracts over 124 million tourists from around the world each year? From the beautiful weather to the exciting attractions and mouthwatering eats, you’ll never run out of fun things to do in the Sunshine State. While most people think of Miami or Orlando when they imagine Florida, Clearwater is a humble beach city … Continued

Book a Booze Cruise

What to Expect From a Key West Booze Cruise

Harsh winter weather can have you dreaming of a much-needed (and much-deserved!) getaway. We’re talking salty hair, luxury boats, and of course an open bar! But did you know you do not have to go far to experience a relaxing, magical getaway like that? You could also go on a quick day trip right here in your … Continued

Young cheerful people having fun in boat party - Happy friends enjoying summer vacation

How to Choose the Best Key West Booze Cruise

There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Key West! After you’ve spent some time sightseeing and hitting some of the must-do attractions, you’ll be ready for a day of relaxation. There’s no better way to chill out than to book a Key West Booze Cruise. There are plenty of options, but they’re not all … Continued

Key West party boat

7 Reasons to Rent a Key West Party Boat

Do you have a south Florida vacation coming up? Don’t miss out on the gorgeous scenery and island vibes of Key West. You could spend a lifetime in Key West, soaking up the sun, exploring shops, laying on beaches, and enjoying delicious cuisine. As one of the party hubs of Florida, Key West has everything … Continued

boat party

7 Benefits of Celebrating Your Birthday on a Boat

Last summer, Key West broke records as thousands of tourists showed up to enjoy the fine beaches and incredible nightlife, proving that Key West is just as fun in the summertime as it is in the winter. Key West is the perfect place to visit when you want to celebrate something big. Why not go … Continued

bachelorette boat party

How to Throw the Perfect Bachelorette Boat Party

Bachelorette parties have evolved from one evening partying with friends, to luxury getaways with loved ones at wellness spas or holiday resorts… Did you know that 56% of women host bachelorette parties that last two days or more?  Well, it’s true! This event is no longer just about a simple celebration. It is about creating … Continued

key west spring break

The Secret to Planning an Epic Key West Spring Break Weekend

What do you see when you imagine the perfect Spring Break trip?  Are you picturing beautiful blue waters and warm sandy beaches? Do you think of a fun-filled weekend with friends where the party never ends?  If so, then you’ll want to consider making Key West your next Spring Break destination. There are endless ways to make … Continued