What to Expect From a Key West Booze Cruise

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Harsh winter weather can have you dreaming of a much-needed (and much-deserved!) getaway. We’re talking salty hair, luxury boats, and of course an open bar!

But did you know you do not have to go far to experience a relaxing, magical getaway like that? You could also go on a quick day trip right here in your own backyard!

So, how do you do that you ask? You book a booze cruise! Here’s everything you need to know about taking a Key West party boat ride today. 

How to Book a Booze Cruise

The first step to going on a party boat is to learn how to book one! Otherwise, you’re not going to get very far along on your adventure.

Luckily, learning how to book a party boat is pretty simple, regardless of whether you’re celebrating a birthday on a boat, a bachelorette, or just catching up with friends!

To book a booze cruise, you’ll first need to pick a destination. Key West is an ideal place because you’ll catch gorgeous glimpses of the shoreline without having to venture far from home!

Next, it’s time to choose your date. Try to keep a couple of dates in mind so that you can be a bit flexible. 

From there, find a party boat company. Look for companies that have good reviews and that can work with your dates! 

The Experience

Once you’ve found a company to book with, it’s time to start partying! Let’s take a look at what to expect aboard the boat. 

The Boat

The boat you’ll be on is a large pedal boat that can seat as many as 16 passengers. Ten of you can do the hard work while the other two relax and enjoy the cruise (and the booze)!

In addition to you and your guests, there will be two crew members aboard to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The Drinks

The boat is entirely BYOB, which means you can save tons of money on regular bar rates. Whereas most boats will charge you a markup of 20 to 25%, our boat lets you avoid all that!

Plus, you can bring as much as you want. That way the party never stops aboard your booze cruise!

The Music

Another favorite feature of the booze cruise is the music. You’ll have the chance to connect your phone to the boat’s speakers via Bluetooth. That way you can play whatever jams you like!

And if you don’t feel like putting together your own playlist? We’ve got options for that too. Just check out some of the many cruise playlists out there on Spotify, SoundCloud, or wherever else you listen to music. 

The Captain

Finally, on board your boat you’ll have a trusty pilot. The pilot will make sure that the onboard engine powers you around the bay even if you don’t want to pedal. 

Plus, your boat captain has interesting facts to share with you about the sights and sounds you see on your sailing trip!

Booze Cruise Essentials

So you’ve got the boat booked and the guests invited, now it’s time to get the rest of the planning taken care of. Here’s what you’ll need to bring: 

  • A small first aid kit
  • Seasickness pills (just in case) 
  • As much booze as you want!
  • Some fun party playlists
  • Comfortable clothes

Most of all, make sure to bring a good attitude! The more excited you are about the trip the more fun you’ll have. 

What to Wear to a Booze Cruise

You’ve got the drinks in the cooler and your friends gathered. The hour is fast approaching for your booze cruise. 

But wait! What in the world do you wear for your boozy voyage?

Well, it really depends on the occasion! You can wear whatever you like on a booze cruise. 

However, we recommend clothes that you’ll be comfortable in. You want to be able to move around and party without anything pinching you in awkward places.


How Much Does a Booze Cruise Cost?

In order to be fully prepared for your booze cruise, you’ll need to know exactly what to expect to pay. Luckily, booze cruises are pretty affordable!

The exact amount you’ll pay depends on the package, the number of people, and the add-ons that you choose for your particular booze cruise. 

However, packages usually start at around $700 per voyage. 

Boozy Boater’s Tip: Wanting to get an even lower cost? Check out our late-night sunset cruises that start at just $45 per person!

Benefits of Booking a Booze Cruise

When you book a booze cruise, you’ll get to take advantage of tons of fun benefits. For instance, you’ll:

  • Have the opportunity to customize the decorations
  • Save money on expensive drinks that you would buy if you went bar hopping
  • Bond with your friends
  • Get on the water close to home
  • Try a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

With all these benefits of booking a booze cruise, it’s no wonder that they’re so popular! And, it’s no wonder that bookings fill up fast. 

Book a Booze Cruise Today

Does all this have you itching to climb aboard a booze cruise of your own? We don’t blame you! Key West booze cruises are an amazing way to celebrate with friends and enjoy a night you won’t forget. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your own booze cruise in Key West and enjoy a night of fun today!

2 hours
Group Size
Up to 26

Public Day Cruises

Bring your friends and family onboard on our custom booze cruise! There are a range of activities to choose from. Allow Key West Party Boat to plan a unique and enjoyable vacation, birthday party, bachelorette party, even a company event or any other occasion. We’re here to make your party fun and memorable!

We are currently BYOB. Just show up with your drinks and get ready to party!

Whether you're planning a party or just want to get a group together—our private party boat rentals are a perfect way to get people together for a great time.

If you have custom requests or ideas let us know! We are flexible and do everything we can to make your time with us the best possible!

*Please note captain's fees are paid separately on the day of*

2 hours
Group Size
Up to 26

Public Sunset Cruise

Key West sunsets are one of a kind, and there is nothing like it after a long day in the sun. Why not make the most of sunset on a party cruise made just for you and your friends.

We provide everything you need for you and your friends to have an incredible time. With stunning sunset views, great music songs, and your favorite drink, you will be dancing in the moonlight.

Please view our calendar or click book now to see our sunset cruise times. Times vary throughout the year based on sunset and daylight savings time.